Stahlecker, D.W., 2020. Statement for Boulder County Parks and Open Space Concerning bald eagles in relation to revised management plan for the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm (CHPRCF). Unpublished report prepare for FRNBES. 
The Carolyn Holmberg Preserve open space, in Boulder County, just southeast of Boulder, could offer a safe haven for a pair of nesting bald eagles that have been dogged by development in adjacent Broomfield County since 2013. During fall of 2019, the Stearns bald eagles moved about 1 kilometer from their old nest site to the Holmberg Preserve, following nearly two years of continuous home construction at their former nest site. One might think that the nearly 1,200-acre Holmberg Preserve would provide the perfect alternative nesting site for the Stearns eagles. However, natural resources, burgeoning trail usage, and land management priorities have put the odds of nesting success for this well-loved bald eagle pair in serious jeopardy. 

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