CR 16 Juvenile Practices Longer Flights

June 16, 2020

The Front Range Eagle Studies crew has been studying the CR16 family in near-daily detail since the CR16 juvenile began flying–or barely so–on June 18. Unlike all other nesting situations, the CR16 juvenile and its family have not used their nest tree since the juvenile’s beginning flight about a month ago.

Access in and out of the CR16 nest is not conducive for use by a new flyer, so the alternate nest has often been the utility poles in the photo. Thankfully, we worked with United Power Company to make sure that the conductors on these power poles were de-energized.

Photos below show the juvenile honing its flying skills and favorite perching / roosting places for the eagles.

July 16, 2020: Juvenile Bald Eagle from CR16 makes a nice take off from the power pole perch.

Juvenile and mom in the juvenile’s most utilized, post-fledge turf, along with magpies.

Dad on the high pole where both parents kept a sharp lookout during the first 2 weeks of post-fledge time.

The lovely sunset scene where the parents—including the shared male to the Erie nest and female—roost at night.

Juvenile Bald Eagle from CR16 soaring confidently.

A small bird hassles the formidable juvie.